Red Forest Radiogram: Transformative Poetics

“Pressures of war, disease, and extraction are changing the world. Lucretius’ poem from 1st Century BC combines such recognisably contemporary faultlines with a philosophy of transformation and shifting social relations. In Lucretius philosophy, matter makes new forms and these new forms are Nature generating itself. The world is an interplay of transformations. Lucretius’ Nature invites us to hold space for the potentiality of flourishing, rather than delimit change through extraction. Ways of worlding are made, but not only by ‘managing humans’ but through all the mattering processes that turn potentialities into actuality – as these are forms of care.”

This conversation was convened and presented by Mijke van der Drift, with Thomas Nail, Sebastian De Line and Jay Bernard, with a sonic intervention by Femi Oriogun-Williams.

Listen here.

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