UNBODY is a Mixed Reality (MR) Hololens installation co-created by Jay Bernard, Eric White (Oxford Brookes University), Fridolin Wild (Open University), and John Twycross (University College London).

The piece probes the boundaries between identity and consciousness, using trans poetics to explore how words haunt and re-create our physical selves in an extended, hybridised reality. The exhibit also departs from the graphic-centric worlds of Virtual Reality (VR) and MR to explore their textual and aural dimensions. The queer, trans body is explored via word hybridisation: viewers of the experience mix word stems to create new definitions of reality, physicality and consciousness.

Jay based the installation on Eric White’s newly discovered archival evidence on Bob and Rose Browns’ Reading Machines, which showed how electronic reading could drive social change. Using world-leading Hololens technology participants encounter staged images of Bernard in the exhibition space, which trigger holograms text-based word puzzles in the headsets.

Unbody has been showcased at Oxford Brookes (2020) and the Think Human Festival (2022).

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